Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema on Local Vendor Spotlight

Pittsburgh wedding blog Cat in a Wedding Dress is a great place to get info on local wedding goods & services.

Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema is a featured vendor on the blog! Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Jackie (Cat in a Wedding Dress): ‘How does wedding videography differ from wedding photography?’

Rachel (Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema): ‘I’ve watched the reactions of my clients when they see their wedding video for the first time, and I’ve seen how strongly the video connects them to the memories of the day. Videos can show subtle and beautiful shifts in facial expression, and moving gestures like that first kiss, long hugs, grandma’s signature laugh, or dad’s dance moves at the reception. Not to mention the sound recordings of the vows, and the heartfelt speeches. A videographer can also capture moments that the bride and groom may have missed, giving them more memories to cherish.’

Jackie (Cat in a Wedding Dress): ‘Why should couples consider hiring a professional videographer on their wedding day (compared with using some of the recent wedding video apps and companies, like Vyclone, Switchcam, and WeddingMix)?’

Rachel (Pittsburgh Wedding Cinema): ‘This question reminds me that nowadays, wedding guests sometimes use Instagram to record and share the day. This is a fun way for family and friends to combine photo perspectives, but is not a valuable replacement for a professional photographer. A professional video is going to be of higher quality than a phone or tablet video, in more ways than one. The expertise and equipment that the videographer brings will result in a video that is well worth the money. As a professional, I will be keenly aware of where the important moments are happening, shooting video in the right place at the right time. I pay special attention to image composition, light exposure, and depth of field, and I mount my camera on a monopod to minimize camera shake. Additionally, in post-production I fine-tune the audio and color-correct the video until the final product is perfect.’


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